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What’s Next? PR 4. oh! …

I thought that PR 2.0 was enough of a lingo to use, but PR 3.0! Come on people, this is public relations: A profession, not a computer software. I still can understand Web 2.0, even that is an abuse as Media Orchard puts it when he says,

“The evolution of the usage of ‘mashup’ is a classic example of how marketing and MBA types slip onto the technology bandwagon; typically, they do this whenever the bandwagon begins to resemble a gravy train.”

Tomorrow I will start hearing “Medicine 2.0”, or even better yet “Law 3.0.” Let me ask you, when the internet was introduced to the world and new law came in force for the Internet, did they start calling it Law 2.0?

Brain Soils recently was debating that PR Week is wrong in saying that PR enters the age of 3.0, which doesn’t make sense as you are talking about a profession not a software product (keeping in mind the Lingo aspect).

Let me remind you guys and PR Week that these version lingos are for the IT Industry, to upgrade their software, not for professions to start using the same, especially by an editorial like PR Week. Tomorrow when anything which new happens to the industry, another person might call it PR 4.0.

I find it utterly ridiculous to use any version lingo for a profession which is growing because of new means of technology and evolution. Every time evolution happens in this world, lets start putting points next to everything … How about Human Being 2.0? and by the time I have children, they would be called Human Beings 4.0 or 5.0.

I could still tolerate PR 2.0, but the recent PR Weeks article about PR 3.0 clearly shows what I am trying to say. If this keeps up in another twenty years we will be at PR 9.0 or could be PR 99.0.




Volvo is sponsoring the second treasure hunt for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The prize is $50K and a brand new Volvo SUV (more damage to the environment). These movie promotion hunts started from the Blair Witch Project which was the best promotion for the movie and it didn’t cost them anything. Many movies do them regularly now.

It is a great promotion for the movie which is going to be relased on May 24th. Since Volvo is doing this for the second time, you can guess yourself that it must give Volvo great publicity as well.

I personally would love to try and solve the 22 puzzels, but I have exams till the end of the month. Darn it!

This reminds me of the documentary I was watching yesterday “Battle of the Brains” which was trying to critique the IQ test and figure out what makes a person intelligent. Watch it if you have the time.

You can go to and start the hunt yourself. So What are the answers to the first few puzzles ….


The Answer to Puzzle no. 1: Just click the the map and rotate it around (clock wise and anti-clock wise) till you see the coordinates. (22 31 N 81 35 W)

The Second is even more easier, keep clicking on the crabs till you see the next coordinates. (1757N7649W)

The Third is also easy, start scratching the icebergs at the bottom of the map to get the coordinates. (4321S2053W). Oh just in case if you can’t figure what I am talking about click on the stairs first and then you will get to the map to click on the ice bergs.

The Forth one, was a bit tough the coordinates are all over the person’s body (35 38 S 00 57 E),

The Fifth one, from here you have to go to the Volvo showroom and pick up a map and then proceed. Remember to pick a few copies of the map, because by the time you are done with it, your map may be folded so many times that it might become totally useless.

Oh! Did I forget to give the answer to the fifth one, well maybe later… have a crack at it, it’s not that hard. If you think about it in the correct manner 😉

You Should be in South Eastern Atlantic (Puzzel 5) – I can’t explain this one as you have to fold the map to get the coordinates. The hint will be in the email Volvo sends you after you register. (3415S1841E)

Puzzle 6 – Cape of Good Hope – Click on the lights in the back ground to get the coordinates ( 1238N5413E)

Puzzle 7 – Socotra – If you notice every box is connected to the next box with a line and sometimes it is not. Just follow it from the beginning to the end. (Note every number which comes your way and you will get the coordinates) – (914N7948E)

Puzzle 8 – Ceylon – The biggest White stones are the one you have to have on one side of the scale and see how many times the others are used to get the coordinates

Large White (1 scoop, Mushrooms)
Large Red (3 scoops, Can’t Make what it is called)
Large Green (2 scoops, Green Dal)
Medium White (8 scoops, Can’t Make out what it is called)
Medium Green (8 scoops, Green Dal)
Medium Black (6 scoops, Black Dal)
Small Yellow (4 scoops, Yellow Dal)
Small Orange (5 scoops, Orange Dal)

So the coordinates are : 1328N8645E

Puzzle 9 – Bay of Bengal – I hate this folding, Fold along the lines, to which the clues are given on the screen, then flip over to get the coordinates (A Bit hard to explain) (1131N9215E)

Puzzle 10 – Sentinel – The Native in the first part of the video says 1,1,4,10,3,5,2, the second time he says the full counting from 1-10. (114N10352E)

The 11th Puzzle – Singapore – Go to this website to translate the numbers. Now you have to link all the Dominoes to get the coordinates, the key coordinates are on the white spots. Start With the Dragon’s Mouth (Right Side of the Screen) with the Domino marked with five dots (which is the last digit in the coordinates) and linked with Brahmin ‘7.’ get Keep linking them by the same signs or numbers till you reach the end of the dragon. Remember the 0 should come on top of the red ‘0’ and the Thai 3 should come on top of the red Thai 3 which are given has hints in the Dragon. Read the coordinates from Left to Right and you get … (661S 10525E)

The 12th Puzzle – Krakatan – This puzzle is easier if you are a computer professional. The Clues says “On and off… Off and On…” If you convert on and off in computer language, On stands for ‘1’ and Off stands for ‘0’. Hence the clue says 1001 (Repeat the clue) 1001 (Repeat it again) 1001. Now you have ” 1001 1001 1001. If you start entering these coordinates you will notice that you have to discard the last three as they can’t be entered, which is fine. (1001S 10011E. ) There is another way to solve the puzzle, but that is a bit hard to explain you have to light every lantern once starting one 1 to 9 and then see where the 0 appears to give you the coordinates.

Puzzle 13 – South of Java – Take out your map again… You have to draw lines and get the coordinates. It is hard to explain, so please click on the picture to see how you get the coordinates. The coordinates written in the picture are plotted correctly but the full coordinate written below has a minor mistake. Swap the 9 and the 6. (1209S 9652E )


(picture provided by Meg).

Puzzle 14th – Cocos Island – The Black pearls are 3 times of white. So the sequence which they appear is :

3 – 1 – 1 – 0 – 1 – 0 – 1 – 0 :BLACK PEARLS

0 – 1 – 0 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 2 – 2 :WHITE PEARLS

So for the first coordinate: Black pearl x 3 + white = 3 x 3 + 0 = 9 and the second coordinate 3 x 1 + 1 = 4… so on… (943S 14152E)

Puzzle 15th – Torres Strait – Similar to the pervious one, you have to substract this time… The coordinates which are said by mark and the knots going up and down, Hence the coordinates are:

E – 2 7 5 7 3, N – 2 3 1 7, W – 2 4 2 6 1, S – 9 5 6 8

Since putting west coordinates on the paper will inverse them you have do the same with West and North coordinates

Therefore 9568 – 7132 = 2436 S
27573 – 16242 = 11331 E

Puzzle 16th – Australia – There are Eight places you can click on the Dragon and eight coordinates to be found. The coordinates are from Tail to Head, up to down. Count the same type of circles in each area to get the coordinates. For example on the Head there are only two matching circles and the one closest to the tail has only three matching circles. the Rest you can find. (3955 8722)

Puzzle 17th – Indian Ocean – Take out your map again… You have to draw lines like puzzle 13th to get the coordinates. Please look at the picture for the solution. (5313S 7329E)

17_solution.jpg (picture provided by prometheus)

Puzzle 18th – Heard Island – Yahoo! Exams are over – Right Then, Heard Island, this puzzle was one of the easiest. Took me 10 mins. after getting evie’s answer [I didn’t look :)]. The answer is given in the cross signs if you look at it





The Left side has the answer and the right side points to the coordinate no. Look on the right side for the numbers in bold every line has numbers from 1-8 and we need 8 coordinates. Now the other side (Left Side) has the coordinates, so you get 6439S – 9634E

No one has noticed or questioned that how come I know the name of the next destination… Eg. I already new that Puzzle 19th is Antarctica and puzzle 20 is Southern Ocean… Any Comment on this?

Below is the email which is going to be sent to everyone who has registered after your next clue. This was leaked when we were solving the 17th puzzle. This does not tell you the coordinate, but at least the name of the places… This email was removed from the Volvo servers after it got leaked. the-next-places.jpg.

Puzzle 19th – Antarctica’s Ice Desert – I hope you have figured it out by now, if not in the clue he says “sign of eight,” if go back to the tatoo guy for seeing what the sign of eight is another language you will notice that it is like zig zag road. so either you have to go up and then left or down and right. I tried both, the answer is up and left. If you go up after 5 steps you reach a stone…hey … I just found a walkthrough on You tube – Search for “The Hunt – Puzzle 19” (5346S 9945E) I personally am still trying to solve this one…

Puzzle 20th – Southern Ocean – I have gone dum since the last puzzle and haven’t figured out this one either 😦 The answer is given in the comments and I found this website with a visual for the answer. ( 3602S 17501E)

Puzzle 21st – World’s End – It is currently locked, please check back on 30th May for the answer.

I will open comments without moderation on 30th May.

If you have found these answers helpful, I would request you to take 5 mins. and please help this blog by voting for it (Click on the Banner below).

Thanks to all who voted. Remember to vote for other categories as well.


My site was nominated for Best Education Blog!

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The Yorkshire PR Bloggers Mafia Meet

[rockyou id=66927502]

Last Week the Bloggers from the North of England had a great meet. As Andrew Wake referred to it as “The Yorkshire blogging mafia.” The Event was organized by yours truly and I enjoyed every bit of it. Besides the students learning a great deal about Social Media, I personally got to meet Stuart Bruce , Simon Collister, Andrew Wake, Ian Green and Richard Bailey from the PR Blogging Community.

I was glad to see 50-60 students turn up to take advantage of the Event. Ian and Simon gave a great presentation, which many students thought was “a great Insight,” to Social Media, and further requested me to forward Ian’s Presentation to them by mail. I pitched in and told the students how not being a part of social media will soon become a disadvantage and the great things which can happen to your career with Social Media.

Before and After the presentation, students got to conversate with the Bloggers over refreshments. As Richard told me later that he “loved the relaxed atmosphere.”

The big payment was when many students in the end thanked me for a great enriching experience.

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Social Media is Great

I am completely in love with Social Media Networking. It is a great way to meet some great people in the world. I recently met Simon Collister and Ian Green. We were meeting with regard to the event I am organizing for the Leeds Met University PR Students.

It was great chatting about some current topics which are in the Blogosphere among other things. I didn’t feel like I was meeting them for the first time, but there was this great feeling, which comes from the fact of knowing someone for a long time. The conversation flowed like old time friends meeting up and discussing issues, laughing, basically having a good time with buddies.

Simon and Ian are great practitioners and talking to them gave me great insights about the PR profession. It was a pleasure meeting them. I hope I get to meet more of the friends which I have made through social media too, as all of the bloggers I have come across are great people.

The point of this post, Social Media is great, and you get to make amazing friends, who will entice you in intellectual conversations, and help you better yourself (which is much appreciated).

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To be or Not to be Transparent, that is the Question

This news story in PR Week shows how important transparency is and how being non transparent, has a bigger price to pay.

Recently a source at Manchester Evening News (MEN) said, ‘The agency is trying to make fools of us. This is not the first time they’ve done something like this. The Metro is now going to veto all of Brazen’s press releases.’

What sparked this reaction was apparently a news story in MEN’s sister concern, Manchester Metro News, which reported that ‘lovestruck Matt Moxham’ had arranged for 20 gallons of melted chocolate to be pumped into the bath of ‘chocoholic girlfriend’ Leah Watson. ‘Matt spent £700 on the treat – created by Stockport confectioners Cheshire Chocolates,’

Later the MEN, diary editor Dianne Bourne identified that ‘Leah’ in the story as “mid-ranking Brazen PRO and Matt as the boyfriend of one of the agency’s directors.”

Brazen founder Nina Wheeler insists this was not a PR stunt gone wrong. She says the chocolate bath did really happen – just with a different couple…Wheeler tells us that Cheshire Chocolates are not clients.

My thoughts on this…firstly, why would someone pitch such a story, when the company who is most going to benefit out of it is not even their client? Secondly, if it is for another couple then why not mention their names?

Anyways, the point I am trying to convey to PR students is, that transparency is vital. Being non-transparent can get you into a lot of trouble. On the other hand being transparent might not get your story in the newspaper or the publicity you wanted but it will be rewarded sooner or later.

Another Lesson in PR, be transparent and people will like you even more if not less, and always ask yourself this question, are you ready to pay the heavy price for not being transparent?

(Every Text in Italics is quoted from PR Week) – Me being transparent 🙂 But you already knew that.

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The New Celebrity on the Blog/ck – TECH

Few days ago I read an interesting post by Amanda Chapel regarding Reflections on PR Blogging and Thoughts of Suicide. Her paragraph below got me thinking on a different angle (than her post), that how technology plays a celebrity role.

“Today, celebrity reigns. It’s popularity over content, volume over value. Take marketing’s Power 150 for instance. Rubel ranks high. However, 90 percent or more of what Rubel talks about is tech. Ninety percent or more of his audience is tech. His blog has very little to do with our business. But since he’s at Edelman, we hold up his numbers as an example of success in PR…”

What is the one thing that the top 100 blogs rated in Technorati, have in common? Above 1/3 of them are related to tech/IT in one way or the other.

Now if you are blogging about PR, your readers are going to be basically PR professionals, students, journalists and people from within the PR circle. But when you are blogging about anything to do with technology, even if it is a PR blog, your readers will come from any and every background.

I love PR blogs, but which other blogs do I visit? Of course tech blogs are there on my list. Tell me one thing which every human being will own? The answer is some sort of Gagdet, it might be an Ipod, PS3, mobile phone, Dvd player, Xvid player etc… technology is something which everyone is interested in, everyone wants to know about the latest technology. Furthermore, this extends into people getting interested in companies which provide that technology. For instance, do you want to read about what a furniture company acquired recently, or the turnover of that company? I think mostly the answer will be ‘No’. On the other hand, would you be interested in reading about Google’s latest acquisition for $3.1 Billion, Yes, you will.

What I am trying to say is that if the stats were taken regarding this issue, the general public would indulge in reading about Tech. gadgets, companies etc… One other reason for this is that you can relate to that company, I know I can relate to Apple, because I own an Ipod. If they are coming out with a new gadget or technology, I would read about it, even if I don’t plan on buying it. Everyone wants to be updated about technology or things which are coming into the market. Hence, if you write about Technology in your blogs, you are guaranteed to get more traffic than a normal student PR Blog or any other blog.

I assume that if you want more traffic on your blog and want to influence public opinion, one good way is to write about tech companies, new software, basically anything to do with technology, cause the majority of people in social media and general public would read it and you may influence their opinion.

So from a PR point of view, Tech is a way to Celebrity status – more traffic, more popularity, more power to influence.


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How to Read Newspapers: A Tip for PR Students


Today I went for an interview for a work placement. I think, this is the last feather in my student cap, and something which always looks great on a CV.

When I travel, I always read the newspaper, listen to podcasts which are available on PR and of course listen to the music I like. Sadly, today my Ipod died on me and while taking the 1 hour train ride to Manchester.

I started reading the newspaper and after a few pages, the reading became different. I was not only reading, rather noticing the journalists’ style of writing and their use of language conventions like punctuation, the grammar, the pun etc… Furthermore, the advertisements also didn’t come to me as they used to. My perspective underwent a change and I now saw the advertisements in the light of how they had become a means to persuade the public, the words used in them and their target audience and many other PR aspects of the newspaper.

So just a Tip for PR Students, and even practitioners. To improve your writing skills and other PR Skills, always read the newspaper with an open mind. Be aware of all that you can learn from it, don’t just read it for the news. There is much more to a newspaper…than just news. I learnt great things today, and remembered some old ones as well (in PR Writing and Strategies). Doing these little things will go a long way in your career. I assure you of that.

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Another Crisis Management Case Study in the Making

I think many in the blogsphere have read Tech Crunch’s post on Friday the 13th about the legal notice to Mike Arrington. It will be interesting to see what happens in this “Drama” as many call it.

For PR students this might be a good opportunity to follow the case on how Crisis Management works. Previously I had posted how JetBlue handled the social media in their recent crisis, and how Yahoo handled social media. It would be very interesting to see how handles it.

My inital thoughts on this are:

Was it to early to send the legal notice to Tech Crunch? The original post was on 12th April and the legal notice was dated 13th April 2007. Maybe they should have waited for a few days to see how the blogsphere reacts to this news. I remember in MacDonald’s’ case (the McLibel Trial), many had said that “Mcdonald’s learnt the risks associated with responding aggressively to activist pressure the hard way, when it brought two environmentalist to court in early 1990’s” as the reputation damaged was far greater.

I know many posts on this will come up in the blogsphere about how dangerous it is to write blogs and be careful etc…, but to look at it from an optimistic side, have only requested that Mike Arrington, “retract and correct these comments, and apologize for making same.”

Related articles on this story: CEO Goes Legal Over $100 Million Yahoo! Story


SEXI liaison leads to thoroughly modern scandal

If You Play Journalist…

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Who do you Trust in the Blogsphere?


Trust is a big concern, but I am happy that social media has a better trust rating than any other medium.

My experience in the blogsphere has been excellent, where I have come across many bloggers (who know me also now) and I genuinely trust them.

Now the ironical bit, I have never met any one of them. I don’t know anything about their personal lives. It’s their ideas and thoughts which make them trustworthy like many of my personal friends.

Note: Opinions make people trustworthy (It doesn’t matter if you agree with them or not).

Opinion further links with effort… The other side to this is about bloggers who don’t know me, Do I trust them? Yes, because of my interaction with them (being one sided), since I make an effort to read their blog when ever they put up a new post.

Note: Another point of trust, you trust the person because you make an effort from your side to visit his blog and read what he has to say.

Taking this point further in a real scenario, recently, David Ferrabee (who is planning to do an Internal Communications conference in India,) asked me for some advice about holding the event in India after I commented on his blog. Since I know my way around India and due to my past work experience in Public Affairs, I knew I could help him with this. I gave him advice on how he could go about this, to the best of my knowledge.

David was extremely appreciative of my suggestions and he thanked me. The reason he asked me for my input and advice was because he was aware of my identity in the blogsphere, and he knew he could trust me for my opinions.

Now the question that arises is, how do two people who have never met each other trust each other? What is that one most important aspect that proves someone’s credibility? It’s their name. Although Shakespeare said ‘What’s in a name? A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet’. But today it’s all about the name game.

Note: Name and titles make people trustworthy.

Lastly a question, do I trust the anonymous bloggers, who blog under pseudo names? That’s a dilemma for me. I think I will trust someone more if they had their name, and other details mentioned, but a person who is anonymous might have some great ideas, thoughts and opinions; however I would have my doubts when it comes to the trust issue with them.

Let’s take two real scenarios…

People like TWL, I find hard to trust, even if I like what they have to say, or they make good points. Why might that be? It is not only because he is anonymous, I have personal reasons as well which lead to a logical point. Recently I was offended by him, where I think he lashed at me for portraying my opinion (on the PR Degree debate). I was not offended by his comments, but by the WAY he conveyed them. I think he could have said the same things in a much more diplomatic (read nice, polite) way (that’s what PR is all about…the diplomatic way of conveying your message). Nevertheless, I really appreciate his comments and because of them I am making an effort to better my writing skills.

The reason I mentioned this is to come to my next point which is:

Note: To be trustworthy, you have to be nice to people. Even if you say the right thing, trust might be lost because you didn’t say it politely.

Now there is another side to Anonymous bloggers. One of the blogs which in my opinion is a great Indian PR blog, is Hobbit Hob. I admire him, his knowledge… but again I face a dilemma when this trust question comes up. I can trust many others who I don’t admire just because they have a name and title, I know it’s not fair, but then it’s true.

Finally, as my friend who sits beside me says the ancient wise words, “Don’t Trust anyone Blindly.”

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Social Media Event at Leeds Metropolitan University


I am organizing a networking event for the PR students of Leeds Metropolitan University on the theme of social media. This is an invitation to the UK Bloggers, for joining this event to enlighten the students on different aspects of Social Media.

The Event will kick off at 1:00 pm on the 25th April, 2007, with a presentation on ‘How students can benefit from Social Media’ given by me and Simon Collister and Ian Green. (Venue : Jubliee Room in James Graham Building)

After which, there is an informal gathering where students will be able to interact with the bloggers, network with them and ask them questions etc… Every Blogger will have their own stall where their blogs will be on display. (Drinks and nibbles will be served)

I would like to thank all the bloggers attending this event who are:

  1. Richard Bailey (PR Studies Blog)
  2. Ian Green (Green Gathering Blog)
  3. Andrew Wake (Eventualities Blog)
  4. Simon Collister (Simon Says Blog)
  5. Lydia Cambata (PR Students R US Blog)
  6. Rajiv Harjai (Indian and Global PR – Student Blog) (Of course Me)

I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our sponsors: CIPR, Green Communications and Don’t Panic Event Management.

Anyone who would like to come for the event can email me at

You can read about the event in more detail in Nicky’s Blog.


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The Uproar over PR credentials

Taking the debate about PR degree further, I would like to mention some more points for your consideration… (please read, my previous blog and comments to follow this post)

Making PR equivalent to a higher level of qualification than it is currently, is not a short term objective, it’s a long term plan.

Let’s think Long Term… Our efforts will yield results for the upcoming PR industry. However this will happen if only we take up this issue seriously right now, since we all know that changes of this magnitude don’t happen overnight, but they happen over the years to come.

Simon just got married, and he will plan for a child in the future. Of course he will plan for a secure future for himself and his child. Every person looks ahead to the future, making moves which might secure him and his loved ones.

As human beings, (which is a highly progressive species) we are all taught to look ahead and plan for the future, develop our skills and make improvements. If we didn’t we probably would still have been eating bananas, had we not taken part in the evolution theory.

This is in reference to TWL’s point about the fact that the oldest and greatest people from the PR industry, were the ones without any formal PR qualifications (Point taken). However that is what they did in their time and that was their contribution to PR. They made the best use of the circumstances available to them (there were no formal PR academic courses at that time).

In today’s day and age don’t you think we ought to move ahead, and carry this legacy forward (in terms of attaining PR specific qualifications?) If we don’t, this industry might stagnate, because if we keep on looking back we will never move ahead. There will be no influx of new ideas to take the PR industry to the next level. This is where I think CIPR plays an indispensable role in introducing new ideas, concepts and following them.


As mentioned earlier, I still stand my ground and I am a strong advocate of Specialized PR qualifications.


I come from a computer engineering background and am now studying PR. I don’t think that after my Engg. degree, I should have been allowed to enter the PR profession. I am sure that technically I could have contributed something to the IT PR industry (considering my IT background). However, I would have still required the necessary skill sets of PR to communicate my creativity and my ideas. Moreover, my engineering degree would have limited my contribution to PR. I could be technical, but that is not what the PR profession is all about. It is about building relationships, it is about communication, how you harvest a relationship, and in my case how to articulate my IT ideas to the public.

I can talk about SEO, SAP etc… and other technical jargon or short forms, but is that what every other human being is going to understand? No! They will lose interest in my creativity, in what I have to say, as soon as I fail to communicate effectively, which only PR can teach me, NOT Engineering, NOT English Literature, but only PR.

PR focuses not only on communication about a particular issue or product, but on how you communicate, in a way which makes ideas and creativity comprehensible for the public. PR degree dwells deep into what human beings respond to, which a person from any other degree cannot articulate.

Lastly, The way PR does role spanning is commendable, every other department looks to PR for an answer, WHY? Because we can communicate their ideas in a better way. Can any other department undertake role spanning at a level which PR can? I think not.


Bottom line, We are specialized people, who should to be recognized and acknowledged as separate professional entities.


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Only people with PR Degrees, should be hired for PR Jobs

PR Education debates are happening all around the PR blogshpere. Last month the Indian PR blogsphere was all over PR education and now in the British PR blogsphere, a debate has sparked off, after a student (from my university) sent a letter to PR Week.


The debate is that do you need a PR degree to get a PR Job? My loyalties lie towards the qualifications side. I strongly agree with the idea that PR degree holders should be the first in line to be entitled to PR jobs. “It should be a must.”


My perspective stems from the very simple equation that with a degree one can attain work experience. However with work experience you cannot gain theoretical knowledge. No matter how many years of work experience a person might have, it will never enlighten him to the theoretical aspects of the job that can only be mastered through a specialized educational degree.

I completely fail to understand the hue and cry (like TWL) over whether PR degree holders should be the only ones to be entitled to a PR job. Hasn’t the world already awoken to the notion of specializations in every field, which are now considered the order of the day. Isn’t it true that you need to hold an MBA degree for a management job, a teaching credential to become a teacher, a journalism degree to become an editor. So why should it be any different for PR degree holders. I think it’s only fair enough that only PR degree holders should be considered for PR jobs.

Stuart Bruce puts it well when he says “One of the big benefits of PR degrees is that they try to equip students with the ability to see the big picture and understand PR in context. They also teach the basics of many skills needed…”

I can challenge any student today who doesn’t have a PR degree to do better than me in this field. I just think it is not possible. The knowledge I have acquired about PR history campaigns, current affairs of PR, is so much more than a student who does not have a PR degree. I don’t think that a person studying English as a major would be interested in current affairs or history of PR neither will He/she start learning the strategies to organize a campaign. It is just not going to happen.

These days I am organizing a campaign on social media, and trust me it is not as easy as it sounds. I am sure that a person from journalism or any other major will not even know about the ideas and strategies I am using. He will be better than me in only one thing, which could be writing (Not to be boastful), but I doubt mine and my fellow PR students witting skills are any less competitive.

Lastly, No matter how many years of work experience (without specialized qualification) one might put into a PR job, he can only specialize or master aspects of PR that he has worked on. This cannot beat the person who has attained qualifications through the highly structured and extensive curriculum taught in a PR degree course.

Any PR companies hiring people today, should consider what I have said above.

Continued in my next post as well – The Uproar over PR credentials

Just finished my interview with Paull Young (Director of Forward to podcast) where he mentioned his latest post regarding if young employee are better or older? The age old question about the differences between young and old blood really appealed to me where I want to prove that we are better (No offences to the the older generation of workers, since I know they bring irreplaceable years of experience with them). Now it is very hard to beat them, but of course we (students, Young) can settle for 50-50 if not 60-40 in our favour : )

What is the one thing we students possess in abundant quantity? It is enthusiasm, passion and the power of being “DARING”. I think professionals lack this ability to be daring very easily, their PR campaigns would have a safe guard always. Complacency seems to set in with years of work experience. And complacency as I view it, is the enemy of creativity. But we students have this daring in us which can give us the biggest advantage. Because I say:


I am sure that I will meet some disagreements here, but people like Bill Gates, Dhiru Bhai Ambani (Reliance Empire) and many others who made it really big in this world, didn’t have any safe guards. They Dared to be Unique! and in today’s Social Media world, Kumiko with her PINK, and Paull Young (where he sold his car and put all his savings, to go on a world tour to meet bloggers) are descendants of that same rare breed of people who are not afraid to risk it all. (Hear about Paull Young further in my first podcast, Interview with Paull Young which is coming this weekend). Where is Paull Young today? Employed with one of the Greatest PR consultancies in the World. But five months ago, (before he dared) he didn’t have anything. I think anyone who made it big was not playing it safe. They were daring!

Your creativity might not work once, twice… but it is not possible that creativity cannot work, especially within students because our creativity is just not stupid, we take into consideration our education, which many practitioners have lost by the time they are in their third or fourth year of working.

Today I am organizing an event (with my exams on my head) for all the public relations students in my university. My friends tell me, don’t do it, pay attention to your exams more, but I think, to work under pressure is the best experience of all time, and isn’t that what working in the real world is all about. Maybe tomorrow it doesn’t work, but I would have given it something, which every other student in my class didn’t even try for. So at least in my books and many others, I am already ahead of them.

Since we are talking about Daring, I would also like to share something else, last week I finally made it in Constantin Basturea’s PR Blog List where he is compiling a list for Blogs on PR. In the beginning when I saw the list I was apprehensive about making it on that list. I wanted to tell him about my Blog, but then I was too scared, till the day I sent him an email to consider me for the list. And he did… So Thank you Constantin

I know you might say that was so simple, to send an email, but I think students like me would know what it feels like to be rejected. How easily you can doubt yourself and your potential that you are not good enough, by just one simple rejection, but I say never stop moving forward, because as someone said …. where one door closes, two more open, and the trick is to reach for those.

I speak from experience, today after not hearing from so many agencies where I have applied for a job, and not getting a favorable response from them, I am not going to stop approaching the next company. The reason for this is that I dare to dream and only when you dare to dream, can you change it into reality. I believe in myself, which is of utmost importance, because only when I believe in myself, can I persuade others to believe in me. I know, there’s a lot I can offer to the companies, if nothing else my passion to work. Of course I am making my own Skill Set, but if I had No Skills, No education, I can still offer my passion which has values. I know that I have the will and the courage to succeed, and I am not trying to be boastful, but its important to believe in yourself, and the rest of the world will follow too!!!

So the formula now is:


So my friends… Be Daring, Be Creative, have Passion … it is one of the greatest factors to Success!

Another person I would like to mention is my best friend Jai Malkani .. Who I miss having conversations with…. and who DARED! to quit his job (even after being the Project Manger for Cisco Systems which paid him above $100K) and went back to studies. Which inspired me to do the same. The second person I would want to mention here is and Anupam Mittra, the most DARING person I know. I can go on with his stories, but just take my word for it.

Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | April 3, 2007

PR Strategies by Kumiko

Today I think Kumiko alone is better than many Marketing teams in the World combined, much better than MIH’s Marketing team definitely.  The PR industry should see another great potential employee with Kimko. 

She runs a blog called Make Money Online at Kimko’s Cash Quest.  Her goal is to make money through blogging.  Something I don’t think I will indulge into, but many do, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

The reason I like her blog is that she has some great PR/Marketing tips and strategies you can use if you are in the PR Social Media field as a part of your studies or job.  Her post about “6 Lessons Britney Spears Can Teach You About Blogging“made quite a buzz in the blogsphere.  Most of her posts usually deal with how to make money, but they are good nonetheless. 

Another interesting strategy she has come up with to make her presence felt in the blogsphere is a competition to predict her page rank.  You have to write a review of her website and then you can predict her google page rank and if you are right, you win $30 and you get to write a post on her blog about anything.  Although the money isn’t that much, many people have entered the competition.  What’s my guess? well I think her Page Rank will be 6.


The reason I find it intelligent is that it is a means of increasing your appearance on the blogsphere and of course getting high on your page ranking by another link added to your website.  Another great lesson is even with a minimum budget you can work something out.


I think many students and even practitioners should analyse her blog and see the PR and Marketing strategies there, it has some great tips and I am sure you will use them sooner or later. 

You can turn around and say that this is common sense, well it isn’t that common if you have above 700 blogs linked to you in a matter of 3 months of blogging. I say it is quite witty and intelligent.


I think her Blogs biggest downfall, which many have criticized is the PINK Color.  You cannot stay that long to read much of the stuff if you don’t like pink, even if you don’t care about pink after spending few minutes on her site it just gets too much for your eyes to take.


I really don’t understand the fascination of the color pink with her, where she is running not one, but many strategies for her blog, she misses the most obvious one that make your website pleasant to the eye.  


Besides the color, she does come up with quite interesting posts. I personally just subscribed to her feed rather than going to the blog as I can’t stand so much PINK.

One other fact I admire is that she says it straight, but in pink “I WRITE *EVERY* POST IN ORDER TO TRY AND INCREASE TRAFFIC ON MY SITE!!!” 

Another great lesson in PR, be transparent and people will like you even more if not less.

She has some great strategies running for her blog to make a presence in the blogsphere and earn money.  Good going Kumiko.

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