Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | July 1, 2007

PR in the Cinema World

Are PR companies, dealing with clients in the movie business, expected to look into Piracy for their clients? I think yes, if you are dealing with Movie PR, then when the movie is launched you should take care of this aspect as well.

Unfortunately, these days, before a movie is launched in theatres, it is accessible on the internet, shockingly sometimes several months before the launch. These copies of the new movies are of course camera prints, but as their DVD comes out you can see the DVD copies as well.

Now which sites host these movies? Of course our favourites… You Tube, Divx, Veoh. It’s basically any website which allows you to upload Videos. As soon as the website authors find out, they remove the movie, but usually that happens after several days and sometimes even months. There are million of videos which are uploaded every day, and you cannot expect them to check each and every one for piracy.

So you’re wondering how PR companies can keep a check on Piracy, when even the software companies themselves are unable to do so. Well for starters, get tapped into the internet world and know the sites which provide links to these movies hosted on You Tube, Divx. Veoh etc… Searching by the name of the movie on You Tube, Veoh, Divx etc…, might not really get you anywhere, since usually the videos always will be given some name which doesn’t make sense.

What am I talking about? Let me give you a couple of examples. One of my favourite movie is 300, do you want to see the perfect DVD version for free. Click here, here, here and here. As you see the name of file is something which doesn’t make sense, but there is a website where you can search 300 and it will link you to this video, hence you should not search You Tube, Veoh, Divx etc… but the websites which provide the links.

For my second example lets take a look at a new movie currently in theaters, how about Die Hard 4 (Part I). It is a bad copy, but there are better ones available as well. (I won’t provide the websites which have the links to the movie as this post is for educational and awareness means and not to promote piracy)

Hence when a PR company is dealing with Movies, they should not only take care of the promotion and events to raise awareness and other aspects of PR, but as the internet makes more and more prominent appearances, we as PR practitioners should take care of vast world of internet.

Finally this could be another aspect in their evaluation as well, they can list how many movies were taken down, at least for the one month after the movie is launched.


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