Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | June 7, 2007

The IIFA Awards – Yorkshire’s Date with Bollywood

This weekend the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards (Indian Oscars) are going to be held in Yorshire. IIFA is going to get above 30000 tourists to Yorkshire this weekend, starting tomorrow. IIFA awards are a weekend retreat which ends with the Awards ceremony on Saturday. They will host many events through out Bradford, Leeds, Hull and Sheffield. You can get more details about the events on IIFA’s website.

Getting to the stars, many have already arrived from Shilpa Setty, the Deol’s, Salman Khan, Vinod Khanna, and many others. Today the lovely Shlipa and the great Deol’s visited a contest winner’s house in Leeds… But the weekend starts from tomorrow so Yorkshire will have should gear for an exciting three days.

Many Indian News channels have already arrived and are interviewing the stars. Tommorrow, IIFA’s press conference in Leeds will have over 300 journalists from all over England.

Working with the professionals, Genesis BM (Burson Marsteller’s Indian counterparts) I am getting to learn alot. They are the most wonderful team. Another amazing person to work with was Kanika, the Head of Hospitality for the event.

Today’s learning tip working with Kanika:

Behind every successful campaign, is the perfect blend of professionalism and concern for your colleagues/volunteers. Its all about team work!


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