Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | May 8, 2007

MIH CEO, doesn’t even learn from his Mistakes

Two Months ago I had written a Post “Ibibo (MIH, Nasper) – The Worst Marketing Strategy.” Hate to say, “I told you so,” but Ibibo has ended the competition after 4 months which was going to last for a year. Proving it being the worst Marketing Strategy.

Now they have started a new competition, IBQash (I thought you were supposed to learn from your mistakes) which is similar to the old one, except introducing a Quality factor, but does that change anything? Nothing much, as the comments are still the same as before which basically lack substance and are just limited to one liner comments like ‘Nice post, I have given 5 star rating, visit my blog and give rating.’ You can read any Ibibo blog and would know what I am talking about.

The one thing this does change is that people are not going to have above 6000 posts in a month, now they can do away with under 1000 (hopefully). The only intelligent thing they have done is run this contest for a month only (May 7th – June 6th), and then I guess they will decide if they should continue it or not.

It is going to be hard task for any PR company to change the image of MIH which it has acquired currently and as per their actions it looks like that they are hell bent of making it worse.

This image problem for MIH is coming from similar situations of its other acquisitions and products. Six months ago they had acquired Pixrat, but “Pixrat continues to have a lot of Not Safe For Work content. What happened to cleaning up PIXRAT?” asks Startup World, who is among many others who criticize/question MIH’s strategies and products.

I think the CEO, Ashish Kashyap doesn’t even learn from his mistakes. It is disheartening to see history repeat it self.


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