Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | May 8, 2007

Get-A-Mac Campaign: Text Book example of Persuasive PR Theories

These days, I see Mac’s every where I go, be it in the Window of a store or the Brilliant Ads of PC Vs. MAC on TV, or the Bus Stop.

I was waiting for Apple to release it’s sales figures for the second quarter of 2007 (which apple released last week). The sales are up by 36% for Macs. Meaning “Get-A-Mac” Campaign is still going strong besides the announcement that their new operating system “Leopard” will be delayed and the launch of Windows Vista.

As much as the goal of the campaign is to increase market share (of course), but more importantly it is trying to create a buzz in the non-technical audience (both PC and MAC users). The campaign is aimed to induce feelings of thrill and pleasure in the users of a MAC and sort of envy feelings in PC users. The campaign is further educating the audience regarding the basic stereotypes which exist for the MAC and enforcing them in some cases and counter enforcing them in some cases. This is much better than their previous switch campaign.

In short – The campaign is raising awareness about MAC’s as a better alternative to PC. I am positive that this campaign will make many users switch to a MAC and also get loyal customers. Furthermore, I think this is their first positive resulting step towards Re-Branding the MAC.

The target audience is the young generation (18-35) and home users of any age. Further analysis shows the campaign, is aimed at the general audience (non technical, which is in the majority) who buy a laptop/desktop for Internet, Movies, Photos and the basic Microsoft Office. To think of it, I don’t use my PC for much more than that myself except for a few more applications like Macromedia Flash and some internet apps which are available for MAC anyways.

It is good for students to look at this campaign, as it has great text book example of ‘Persuasive’ theories applied in the advertisements. From Warmth appeals to Credibility to Humor to comparing products (the most popular these days) among other persuasive theories. Furthermore, “the campaign exemplifies the artfully clever use of “framing,” the selective control of information used to shape a viewer’s perception. The ads follow a good example of PR persuasive theories .

Today before writing this post, I was looking at the ads once again which are Brilliant (I love the pun in them). Couple of things which I learnt from the advertisements, further convinced me that my next computer will be a MAC (besides the point that I always wanted one). I learnt that I can run Windows on it now and it is at the same price as a PC if not cheaper.

Any Student wanting to analyse the campaign further, can look at Kelton Rhoads (psychologist) analysis of the US campaign and everyone’s favourite Wikipedia.



  1. Nice linkage of an example to theory – thanks.

  2. That was a good post….You have me convinced to get a MAC for myself by this year end (considering there really doesn’t seem to be a lot of price difference between a MAC and a PC).

    I absolutely loved the campaign on Youtube, which was very informative for a non-techie like me. It removed the misconception that I had of a MAC being the ‘Sacred’ high tech thingy majigy…..I know there it is….I just confessed to that at the risk of sounding like a complete jerk 🙂


  3. I’ve loved the MAC ads since they came out. Growing up on MACs, I am a bit partial, but you are so right that the ads created “thrill and pleasure” in even current users. I have become a complete proponent for MACs and am always happy to hear people are switching over!

  4. I started using a Mac at a previous job, and it was so user-friendly. Then I got my own. It’s pretty easy to use, no high-tech knowledge required, plus you can get the software for whatever programme you have. However, for me the greatest benefit from my Mac is that I can put it in my handbag and noone needs to know I have it on me.

    And know my loyalty to Macintosh computers have nothing to do with the fact that my name is Mc Intosh 🙂

  5. Yeah those Mac vs Pc ads are really persuasive and also hillarious. I still believe Pcs are better. I would never switch to a Mac

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