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Battle of the Brains: Movie PR (The Volvo Treasure Hunt) – Answers UPDATED


Volvo is sponsoring the second treasure hunt for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The prize is $50K and a brand new Volvo SUV (more damage to the environment). These movie promotion hunts started from the Blair Witch Project which was the best promotion for the movie and it didn’t cost them anything. Many movies do them regularly now.

It is a great promotion for the movie which is going to be relased on May 24th. Since Volvo is doing this for the second time, you can guess yourself that it must give Volvo great publicity as well.

I personally would love to try and solve the 22 puzzels, but I have exams till the end of the month. Darn it!

This reminds me of the documentary I was watching yesterday “Battle of the Brains” which was trying to critique the IQ test and figure out what makes a person intelligent. Watch it if you have the time.

You can go to and start the hunt yourself. So What are the answers to the first few puzzles ….


The Answer to Puzzle no. 1: Just click the the map and rotate it around (clock wise and anti-clock wise) till you see the coordinates. (22 31 N 81 35 W)

The Second is even more easier, keep clicking on the crabs till you see the next coordinates. (1757N7649W)

The Third is also easy, start scratching the icebergs at the bottom of the map to get the coordinates. (4321S2053W). Oh just in case if you can’t figure what I am talking about click on the stairs first and then you will get to the map to click on the ice bergs.

The Forth one, was a bit tough the coordinates are all over the person’s body (35 38 S 00 57 E),

The Fifth one, from here you have to go to the Volvo showroom and pick up a map and then proceed. Remember to pick a few copies of the map, because by the time you are done with it, your map may be folded so many times that it might become totally useless.

Oh! Did I forget to give the answer to the fifth one, well maybe later… have a crack at it, it’s not that hard. If you think about it in the correct manner 😉

You Should be in South Eastern Atlantic (Puzzel 5) – I can’t explain this one as you have to fold the map to get the coordinates. The hint will be in the email Volvo sends you after you register. (3415S1841E)

Puzzle 6 – Cape of Good Hope – Click on the lights in the back ground to get the coordinates ( 1238N5413E)

Puzzle 7 – Socotra – If you notice every box is connected to the next box with a line and sometimes it is not. Just follow it from the beginning to the end. (Note every number which comes your way and you will get the coordinates) – (914N7948E)

Puzzle 8 – Ceylon – The biggest White stones are the one you have to have on one side of the scale and see how many times the others are used to get the coordinates

Large White (1 scoop, Mushrooms)
Large Red (3 scoops, Can’t Make what it is called)
Large Green (2 scoops, Green Dal)
Medium White (8 scoops, Can’t Make out what it is called)
Medium Green (8 scoops, Green Dal)
Medium Black (6 scoops, Black Dal)
Small Yellow (4 scoops, Yellow Dal)
Small Orange (5 scoops, Orange Dal)

So the coordinates are : 1328N8645E

Puzzle 9 – Bay of Bengal – I hate this folding, Fold along the lines, to which the clues are given on the screen, then flip over to get the coordinates (A Bit hard to explain) (1131N9215E)

Puzzle 10 – Sentinel – The Native in the first part of the video says 1,1,4,10,3,5,2, the second time he says the full counting from 1-10. (114N10352E)

The 11th Puzzle – Singapore – Go to this website to translate the numbers. Now you have to link all the Dominoes to get the coordinates, the key coordinates are on the white spots. Start With the Dragon’s Mouth (Right Side of the Screen) with the Domino marked with five dots (which is the last digit in the coordinates) and linked with Brahmin ‘7.’ get Keep linking them by the same signs or numbers till you reach the end of the dragon. Remember the 0 should come on top of the red ‘0’ and the Thai 3 should come on top of the red Thai 3 which are given has hints in the Dragon. Read the coordinates from Left to Right and you get … (661S 10525E)

The 12th Puzzle – Krakatan – This puzzle is easier if you are a computer professional. The Clues says “On and off… Off and On…” If you convert on and off in computer language, On stands for ‘1’ and Off stands for ‘0’. Hence the clue says 1001 (Repeat the clue) 1001 (Repeat it again) 1001. Now you have ” 1001 1001 1001. If you start entering these coordinates you will notice that you have to discard the last three as they can’t be entered, which is fine. (1001S 10011E. ) There is another way to solve the puzzle, but that is a bit hard to explain you have to light every lantern once starting one 1 to 9 and then see where the 0 appears to give you the coordinates.

Puzzle 13 – South of Java – Take out your map again… You have to draw lines and get the coordinates. It is hard to explain, so please click on the picture to see how you get the coordinates. The coordinates written in the picture are plotted correctly but the full coordinate written below has a minor mistake. Swap the 9 and the 6. (1209S 9652E )


(picture provided by Meg).

Puzzle 14th – Cocos Island – The Black pearls are 3 times of white. So the sequence which they appear is :

3 – 1 – 1 – 0 – 1 – 0 – 1 – 0 :BLACK PEARLS

0 – 1 – 0 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 2 – 2 :WHITE PEARLS

So for the first coordinate: Black pearl x 3 + white = 3 x 3 + 0 = 9 and the second coordinate 3 x 1 + 1 = 4… so on… (943S 14152E)

Puzzle 15th – Torres Strait – Similar to the pervious one, you have to substract this time… The coordinates which are said by mark and the knots going up and down, Hence the coordinates are:

E – 2 7 5 7 3, N – 2 3 1 7, W – 2 4 2 6 1, S – 9 5 6 8

Since putting west coordinates on the paper will inverse them you have do the same with West and North coordinates

Therefore 9568 – 7132 = 2436 S
27573 – 16242 = 11331 E

Puzzle 16th – Australia – There are Eight places you can click on the Dragon and eight coordinates to be found. The coordinates are from Tail to Head, up to down. Count the same type of circles in each area to get the coordinates. For example on the Head there are only two matching circles and the one closest to the tail has only three matching circles. the Rest you can find. (3955 8722)

Puzzle 17th – Indian Ocean – Take out your map again… You have to draw lines like puzzle 13th to get the coordinates. Please look at the picture for the solution. (5313S 7329E)

17_solution.jpg (picture provided by prometheus)

Puzzle 18th – Heard Island – Yahoo! Exams are over – Right Then, Heard Island, this puzzle was one of the easiest. Took me 10 mins. after getting evie’s answer [I didn’t look :)]. The answer is given in the cross signs if you look at it





The Left side has the answer and the right side points to the coordinate no. Look on the right side for the numbers in bold every line has numbers from 1-8 and we need 8 coordinates. Now the other side (Left Side) has the coordinates, so you get 6439S – 9634E

No one has noticed or questioned that how come I know the name of the next destination… Eg. I already new that Puzzle 19th is Antarctica and puzzle 20 is Southern Ocean… Any Comment on this?

Below is the email which is going to be sent to everyone who has registered after your next clue. This was leaked when we were solving the 17th puzzle. This does not tell you the coordinate, but at least the name of the places… This email was removed from the Volvo servers after it got leaked. the-next-places.jpg.

Puzzle 19th – Antarctica’s Ice Desert – I hope you have figured it out by now, if not in the clue he says “sign of eight,” if go back to the tatoo guy for seeing what the sign of eight is another language you will notice that it is like zig zag road. so either you have to go up and then left or down and right. I tried both, the answer is up and left. If you go up after 5 steps you reach a stone…hey … I just found a walkthrough on You tube – Search for “The Hunt – Puzzle 19” (5346S 9945E) I personally am still trying to solve this one…

Puzzle 20th – Southern Ocean – I have gone dum since the last puzzle and haven’t figured out this one either 😦 The answer is given in the comments and I found this website with a visual for the answer. ( 3602S 17501E)

Puzzle 21st – World’s End – It is currently locked, please check back on 30th May for the answer.

I will open comments without moderation on 30th May.

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  17. 6439S9634E the next location. Got it somewhere in a forum, but I dont know how they figure it out…. by map??? I am doomed… (=_=)”

  18. Evie… Thanks for the answer, I tried not to look while solving it myself 🙂

    George: It said in the clue that black is better or worth more (I don’t remember) anyway, there were only 1, 2 or 3 pearls each time, hence I tried black = 2 and it didn’t work and then I tried black = 3 and it worked, furthermore, in the first set of pearls there are 3 black pearls(hinting black = 3).

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  22. 1606-1661 – In this line on the right side 6 and 1 (Bold). so the first coordinate and the sixth coordinate is 6 (Bold) which is on the left side

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    From the footprint with the red dot you need to find piles of 1,3,5,7 and 8 stones. As follows 5up, 3 up + 9 left, 4up + 9 left, 6 up + 4 left and 5 left (from pile to pile). You then get co-ords of UP 5346 and LEFT 9945. Start with the red spot on the left of the footprint.

    up left
    3 9
    4 9
    6 4

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    As the last few days approach, get ready to solve the next puzzle as quick as you can, I will be online when the next puzzle opens to post the answer as quick as possible. I am currently in UK, so hopefully everyone who is not in UK can still be one of the finalist even after I have posted the answer here. I am sure that there are many in UK much faster than me.

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  44. 3602S 17501E World’s End!

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  47. The next coordinates for answer 20 is 3620s 17501E

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  49. Ezio the correct answer is 3602S 17501E

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  52. Thank you Rebacca for the kind words. Are you from UK as well?

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    Susan – Welcome to the Night Owl Gang. I sleep around 2-3 and get up at 9-9:30, just can’t get much sleep here in UK. I miss Chicago and even Delhi where I could sleep for hours and hours.

    So what am I doing for the Semi-Finals… Having a BBQ. I have some friends coming over with top of the line laptops (read fast) and we have a decent 16 MBps internet connection. They will be scanning the internet and I will be trying to solve it. I don’t know how good I will be, looking at the last two attempts. Besides the techie Gear, there would be great food and of course Beer.

    Later tonight I will put up a list of forums and chat sites where they are talking about the Hunt. Maybe everyone can start before me.
    The comments will be open tomorrow without moderation.

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  68. Alex, the code for the country is same, so all you need is the Philippines code. I will also suggest to mail Volvo requesting for the chart today, before the day ends that way I think you can still participate.

    Anyone from the Philippines, please provide with the code as it is the same for a country.

  69. Alex, I have put out the word in the chat room of POTC there is someone NIkki from Philippines (but not currently online), when ever she is online, I will try to get you the code.

    Go to this website… to join the POTC volvo hunt chat.

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  76. Ahha
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    take 180deg subtract 04deg59mins gives hey presto 175deg01min
    bloomin heck – my brain hurts and my map is now a real mess
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  96. Did Anyone figure it out?

  97. There are 4 Numbers on something and 4 Bottles.. 8 Numbers should it be

  98. I think its a mixture of the levels before….in which level there were the bottles?!?!

  99. not yet

  100. any clues???

  101. which numebr was the level with wine bottles inside of it?

  102. hi…..can i help you? i think the 15th

  103. what are the first 4 numbers

  104. sure?

  105. 5346 … i think is the first four

  106. not much…

  107. why? an the other?

  108. were did u get those from?

  109. lanterns puzzle 12, bouys 6

  110. I have those numbers 71113(or2)541….

    If bottles stands for 1 and the others are most of all thai and sanskrit numbers…

  111. unless i am wrong… the numbers are repeating

  112. i think 711125452

  113. there are only 8 numbers!!!

  114. i not understand what you are saying

  115. yes and you can submit only once

  116. in what puzzle was the big tank in?

  117. matteo these are 9 numbers but you only need 8!

  118. you can only submit once?

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  120. yes i see….i am wrong…what come from the bottle?

  121. in which puzzle was the big thing in?

  122. It’s a continues loop and you can move the picture back and fourth.

  123. The Bottle is something which i am trying to figure out

  124. 1. Lantern marked with an 7

    2. Black Bottle – 1

    3. Black Bottle – 1

    4. Black Bottle – 1

    5. Bouy with 2 Red Marks

    6. Grey Bottle marked with a 6

    7. Latern marked with an 8

    8. Black Bottle -1

    7111 2681

  125. the big thing was answer was 1238N 5413


  127. what is the number related to the second lantern?

  128. its not an looks like greek gamma…but whats te number related to it?

  129. I just submitted my answer

  130. now i get 31112541

  131. are we sure that the lantern counts as the number on it or it counts as the puzzle it was in…which was 12…which means 1 plus 2 equals 3?!

  132. Hi. Shouldn’t the first no be translated to 3 from the red lantern.

    Then there’s the beer bottle.

    Should the barrel be counted as 2 or the puzzle it comes from?
    But it’s a single digit 6 or “06”?

    The other fat bottle translates to 5.

    The other red lantern is 4.

    The the other beer bottle.

    Unless I’m missing something in the animation.

    The beer bottles should be 2 digits each then – but can you see anything inside them?


  133. what does the sign on the second lantern mean?

  134. ok a few things…

    What does the bottle mean?
    The numbers which are falling are 3, 5, 4, 2,

  135. that is a 4 ezio

  136. The first lantern what looks like a 7 is actually (i think) an arabic number = 3

    Then 3 Bottles falls down

    then the thing with 2 red marks

    then an h (Brahmin Nummber) = 5

    the the tie (Sanskrit number) = 4

    and then a bottle again


  137. The lantern is an arabic 3 not a 7

  138. here a list of the numbers

  139. I GOT IT!!!!!!!

  140. and John? what is it?

  141. Do we totally ignore the map then?
    For the 5th puzzle it said we need the map to solve the final clue.

  142. this isnt the final… there is the 22nd puzzle with the map which i think they need

  143. its 1543 3825

  144. ???????????

  145. it could also be 15413211

  146. where did u get that john?!?!

  147. it could also be 15413211. If you read from left to right

  148. read from left to right…how and y?

  149. where does it say we can only enter one answer?

  150. better to click submit and enter your particulars. can still edit answer

  151. well…i got 31112541 as someone already said before…hope i was the first…good luck to you all…now we don’t have anything left to do then wait and see who qualified…

  152. Just look at the position where it false down… then you write down what falls and then you can “read” from left to right

  153. there are two things… are you following the way they appear or they fall… remember they appear and fall differently

    the other thing is do you want to split the section into half to get both sides of the coordinates…

    Now these are the answers I have come up with

    3211 1541 (keeping falling in mind)


  154. sorry that is wrong…

  155. why is the bottle a one

  156. 3112 – Right side coordinates
    1541 – left side coordinates

    Now if we try to merge them… we can’t… cause we can’t see the whole picture… so i am sure the left and right side coordinates are different… but now have to decide what is the bottle a “1” or “0”

  157. 31112541

  158. do you guys know when the winner will be published?

  159. good question…. actually i would prefer 0 because if it should be 1 then a Number should be on it… or is my thoughts false?

  160. About the barrel.

    Aren’t the “1”s actually just the bands on the barrel – it has four. The barrel is from puzzle 6.

    Any chance the fifth digit in the answer is not a “2”?

  161. I would vote the bottle as a 0 since it never appear in thelast puzzles

  162. but i would say 1 cause it looks like a ONE

  163. Raven what country are you from?

  164. will volvo publish a solution for the puzzles

  165. It could be either or neither…

  166. This was very slimy of Volvo that you can only enter one answer, so you don’t even know if you are right and furthermore there is no try and error concept then…

  167. “when few are left,
    and all is said
    i say farewell
    from here we spread”

    is that a clue or just a prologoue of this puzzle?

    since lantern is puzzle #12 – Krakatau, let’s get back to it.
    why did lantern #4 turn on when we clicked the lantern #3?
    in lantern #4 it is a mark of ‘zero’ in Japannesse. the same number with mark in last lantern in puzzle #22. just coincidence or a clue?

    let’s get the bouy in puzzle #6 – Cape of Good Hope. if i notice the two red mark in our last puzzle in the buoy, doesn’t it mean to which buoy that has two empty slot that is marked as “1 _ _ 8”? reckoning the answer puzzle #6, is it “1 [2] [3] 8” for the missing number on buoy?

    and, what puzzle that has fat bottle or depict a Brahmin number?

    still got confused… btw, sorry with my bad english 😛

  168. Well guys.. publish your answers, cause you don’t want to be the person who had the right answer but lost on time

  169. I was thinking it was 3112 5411 but I’m unsure of what the black bottles represent.

    Also seems like the coordinates should fall on land since the treasure is buried .

    Good luck all

  170. I agree with you tin tin it’s too confusing. There are many ways to go around this, but since you have only one try, it just doesn’t give you a choice to be wrong…

  171. well…you can always enter different answers with different names if you got different email addresses…

  172. But you only have one Pirte Code

  173. shouldnt the particulars be the same as on the form submitted during test drive?

  174. do you think that the numbers are not a cordinate because why would they tell you the cordinete cause you could just go there and get the treasure before june 4th or whatever the date is.

  175. you have to register also with that email address, so if i knew before hand they were going to do this… I would have registered with different email addresses.

    the pirate code is the same for a country or state…

  176. there is another puzzle after this… for the finalists…

  177. how did you get the numbers john? and are you sure of the numbers because there are many ways to solve this puzzle.
    sorry. i was just a bit confused right now.

  178. so to what solutions did we get to….anything kind of final??

  179. I have got 5 different final answers … LOL

  180. i just read on another chat room that he participated in the hunt last year and all he needed was the pirate code on the map which happens to be a 8 digit number.

  181. I would have to agree with Rajiv.

    Just go by the order that things fall – you need to look left and right to see everything though.

    What you see is what the answer should be:

    or maybe it’s

    30002540 (depending on the meaning of the liquor bottles).

  182. but the most simple which Raven and ME got is 1541 3112
    then ahendric is also right with … 3112 5411
    John got … 1543 3825

  183. I got the numbers 31112541. I was on the side of There are many people who had the same !!! I hope it`s wright.

  184. Im confsed with the faling secuence, according to me:

    1: Lantern with Inverse 7 (3)
    2: Bottle (0 or 1)
    3: Bottle (0 or 1)
    4: Bottle (0 or 1)

    5: Bouy (2)
    6: base (5)
    7: lantern with h (4)
    8: Bottle: (0 or 1)

    So, I have: 3111-2541 or 3000 2540


  185. you have to decide what you want the bottle to be… I took it as “1”

  186. it can’t be the pirate code as john says because otherwise what is the whole point of the puzzle?

  187. that is not what i said it was what that person said

  188. lets just see what happens next. my brain is not functioning right now. LOL. well for those who joined just wanna say good luck to you all.

  189. Well guys, i will go with the 3111-2541. Dont ask my why the bottle is 1. Lets wait and see.

  190. good luck to everyone!

  191. hey everybody,

    i’m actuall new here. before you send your answers, look it up first in a map. it might be in the middle of the atlantic. i don’t think disney would want anyone diving for a treasure in unreachable sites for a dive.

    just helping.

  192. that is a very good point JOEL… Hey guys listen he has good point…

  193. Did you check google earth?

  194. no wait… this is not the final answer… so the treasure is not on this location, it is on another location for puzzle 22

  195. ooops, just in time with the hint. where can I check coordinates?

  196. rajv,


  197. Juan it doesn’t matter if it is middle of the Atlantic, cause the next puzzle will tell you the coordinates of the treasure not this one

  198. sorr rajv,

    i’m kinda in a panic mode

  199. my answer is 3000-2540,

    it is based on the things that which thing fall first. [from the prologue as the clue: “i say farewell from here we spread”.

    so things fall in order:
    1. lantern with Arabic number “3”
    2. bottle
    3. bottle
    4. bottle (fast bottle)

    5. buoy with two red marks
    6. fat bottle with Brahmin number “5”
    7. lantern with Sanskrit number “4”
    8. bottle.

    hope my theory is right 😀 hehehe…

    time to sleep, then… it’s already 10.36PM in Indonesia 😉 hope that i am the first right answer from Indonesia 😀 i’ll vote for your site tomorrow, Rajiv.

  200. don’t worry about it joel

  201. Good point, it very well could be anywhere.

  202. Agree Rajiv. This is not the final coordinate.

  203. Thanks Tin Tin

  204. bouy two red marks might be 2, 3?

    thoughts on this?

  205. Buoy – 2 red panels

    not 1 1 or _ _

  206. has anyone seen the movie? there were clues there. anyone saw the map jack had with him. the arrow pointed one way and then the other (totally opposite)… or should we just disregard that? hehehe.

    sorry you guys.

  207. I am actually going to see the movie… after this.. Me and my friends thought this would be the best end 🙂

  208. I didnt like the movie that much…too long and sometimes boring but it is k i guess…in the moive he was writing some coordinates as well but cant remember which ones he wrote…something like 1504

  209. great that makes it worse… it has both 1 and 0

  210. raj you still there?

  211. what part of the movie was this

  212. Just a thought. Normally in a bottle you will find either a letter for rescue or a map. What is the bottle means to put the number in your map, that is the number in the pirate code???

    sound logical to anyone?

  213. Just completed the blogger’s choice nomination form. Keep up the great site.

    For those that haven’t done it, it only takes a couple of moments.


  214. juan,

    i’m totally goin nuts with what you wrote. hahaha. you have a point dude.

  215. lol. me too. now I have either a 0, a 1 or the position number of my pirae code for each bottle. If the clue says: “and all is said” then we should have the answer somewere. A map in the bottle sounds reasonable.

  216. rajv,

    when you watch the movie, near the end, jack gets the pirate chart and watch for any clues. but well, by then… it may be too late. hehehe.

    what coordinates or ideas do you think is the best?

  217. rajv,

    when you watch the movie, near the end, jack gets the pirate chart and watch for any clues. but well, by then… it may be too late. hehehe.

    what coordinates or ideas do you think is the best among these?

  218. its incredible like only today there were almost 200 posts…

  219. I think tin tin’s answer is good but i will still use “1” the other thing which I think could be possible is that we split the coordinates, meaning right side and left side. so with that the answer is 1541 – 3112 or could be the the other way…


    I am too confused, all of the puzzles i solved, except a few in the beginning were with trail and error, so if something didn’t work, I would try the next theory… but the last two puzzle had no logic, so I couldn’t solve it.

  220. 🙂 ya… we should have logged into MSN and then done the chat, but this is better as it is open to all

  221. Rajiv,

    You think that the buoy falls first than the bottle?

  222. no the fast bottle falls first …

    3111- 2541

  223. rajv,

    you’re going with “1s” with the two marks in the bouy?

  224. The Sad part is that I didn’t get any votes today … so I stand at 22 for education and 24 for marketing… 😦

    I need 5 more people to vote for me for education, then I will be on the first page

  225. I already gave in 5 answers…hope one is right…we will see…in the end its just a car and 50K 😛

  226. I already voted for you Rajiv, wish people were not just exploiting the answers here…good luck though…really…u deserve it

  227. It’s alright, it’s there choice to vote… I can only request …

  228. Can you tell if my vote went in I tried again.

    No insights here just confusion.

  229. very helpful indeed. I sure am impressed over your analythic skills.

  230. Ahendric – I got your vote for the education one, you can click on the best marketing blog as well, I am on the second page again in that…

    Dag Arne… Whose analytical skills are these?

  231. rajv,

    i registered just now. i’ll vote for the site tomorrow okay. sorry dude. it’s just that i’m still confused with this pirate shit. i mean, chart. hehehe.

  232. thanks joel…

  233. rajv,

    if you counted the bottle in the first half as “1s”, why didn’t you mark the two bottles in the other half as “1s” too?

  234. meaning? I don’t understand

  235. oh, sorry bro. i just don’t understand this. no disrespect meant, this is your site, just confused.

  236. no worries, relax joel, what are you confused about maybe I can help…

  237. i can’t figure out the bottles. are they “1s” or “0s”. i guess you’ll just have to take a chance huh?

  238. yes you just have to take a chance, I took them as one as they looked like 1’s to me.

    It is your choice, I tried to look at the counting as well to see if any alphabet looks like a bottle, but couldn’t find any.

    Before you put your answer, have a look at them. The numbers are in the answer or the 20th puzzle answer

  239. sorry rajv,

    got booted out. tnx for the help.

  240. Hello Rajiv,

    Well done on all of this. Can you check to see if my vote went through (last week). I too will go back and take a look. Just wanted to make sure you’re getting those votes.

  241. Rajiv, your analythic skills 🙂
    You’ve got my votes 🙂

    Dag Arne aka Gorm

  242. and mine 😉

  243. so let it be written. so let it be done.

  244. Thanks Guys

  245. Alright Guys… It was great fun today, thanks to everyone for a Jolly Good Time.

    I hope to see you guys again on the Blog, do visit this blog again…


    PS. The comments will be moderated again from now on…

  246. Thank You Rajiv, for the great help you have given, hope to see someone from the blog get the right answer…c ya

  247. i think tintin is very right, but why should an empty bottle ‘0’ and not ‘1’ ?
    So i guess it’s 3111-2541, gl for all

  248. Hi Rav
    was working all damn day so only just got on line
    I reckon loking at the puzzle that either
    3112 1541 (lef and right)
    or 3111 2541 (falling sequence) are as likely as each other but
    knowing how volvo are with these types of puzzles I would plump for the falling sequence as it is too easy to get the left and right sequence- if you follow my logic
    Anyway bloggers – good luck all
    and yes I’m sure the bottles are 1’s

  249. I am trying to vote but I have not received my confirmation email. Itried 3 times. I sent them a notice and I have not heard back. I will vote a soon as I can sign up.

  250. Jenn check your junk folder, that’s where my email landed up.


  252. your welcome Kristen…. remember to vote for the this blog … cheers

  253. Rajiv –
    any word on what the actual answer was for the semi-final puzzle? I found so many different answers all over the web, but I was too late getting my final answer in. Did anyone coming for help here end up a finalist? I hope more people ended up voting for you – voting was a little confusing – I thought I voted for you initially, and then read the vote didn’t count if we didn’t register.
    Your site was by far and away the best one for explanation of answers and discussion of the semis. Thanks for your great work on this!

  254. I’ve got 3111 2541…. Just cross my finger hehehehehehe
    Rajiv How to vote this blog ??? *blushes* a bit blind about this stuff

  255. I have no idea if this will help but I have been watching trying to learn on these hunts….I have also noticed you need votes. Education….well whatever it is for watching you think, makes my head hurt. LOL

  256. ezio,

    you still here? you were able to submit 5 different answers?

  257. @247:
    why i choose ‘0’ instead ‘1’.

    let’s get back to puzzle #12 – krakatau, it’s about lantern. since in our puzzle #22, the lantern has sign of Arabic number ‘3’, I click lantern #3 and lantern #4 is also turned on with Japanesse number ‘0’. This is also explain last lantern that has sign of Sanskrit number ‘4’.

    recalling our answer from the pirate chart, number without heading N/S/E/W is considered as …S and …E. and since my answer is 3000-2540 and hints from google earth, 30.00S and 25.40E is somewhere around South Africa 🙂 pretty close, eh? remember the prize is african gold? 😉

    well, though, i still can’t explain what does the bouy mean? why don’t use number as i stated in comment #167? and why this last puzzle has the coordinate on land? this is pirate, right? and no pirate step on land 🙂

    hehehe… what so ever, just keep my finger crossed..

    i’ve vote for your site.. thanks for the info about the hunt 🙂

  258. Rajiv,

    On my side I found this site very helpul troughout all the quest, even more in this last puzzle. Therefore I gave my vote already.

    By the way, after all the cofusion of the bottles being 1 or 0’s I decided to go for my last guess: Every bottle should be the number of the pirate code.

    Im still not sure if that is the right guess but at least it makes more sense to me.

    it was very fun anyway,

    good luck to all!

  259. Can someone give an extra pirates code?

  260. Here are a couple of other possible solutions that Zane posted.

    Ends up there could be an 8 formed in the lighting.

    The answer will be interesting, when it is finally released.


  261. Just to totally confuse you all, I entered a solution based on the order the items went over the edge against the location they were positioned on the screen ( left to right) . Which would give you 5718 6234, then I added the amount represented on the three items which were clearly marked and this gives a solution of 8718 6774. It’s hard to explain without woffling on too much . I haven’t heard anything back from Volvo, so this is probably wrong too.

    Hope they put us out our misery soon!!

    The only thing I couldn’t explain was the symbol on the barrel, to me it looked like a red flag with a black vertical line.

    It certainly isn’t so clear cut this year. I’ll be surprised if there are any finalist!!

    Well done Raj for supporting everyone yesterday. I know a lot of other forums were very closed fists with their intial findings, but you were wonderfully helpful. xx

  262. lightning in morse character are
    …– = 3
    ….. = 5
    ..— = 2
    —.. = 8
    and so on
    cross foot = 9
    lightning before the arabic latern, so possibly it’s 3112-5419

  263. ok.this is what i think .from left to right the first thing to fall is the bottle which i gave a “0” -the next thing to fall was the h for “5”-next was the red lantern “4”next another bottle which was “0”which gives you a “few are left”or to the left-0540—then the red lantern backwards 7which was a “3”-then a bottle which was “0”-then if you slow the barrel down by clicking the history site over and over , you can see a “1”and a “1” and so i have “3011- ——————-0540-3011

  264. I dont think the lightings have something to do with it because they fall without a certain sequence, and since you can move the screen they do not fall all the time where the buoy is…true that there is a sort of 8 at the end but the objects falling are already eight, and probably i stands to say how many numbers you i really can’t think of where to put it!

  265. ryo… Where do you live? I have an extra map for UK.

  266. What happens when you enter your coordinates guess in the last puzzle – do you get any kind of confirmation right or wrong?

  267. anyone heard from volvo yet?

    rajv, can i vote again if already voted?

  268. i meant if i already voted…

  269. For different categories you can vote again, or with different persons who have different email accounts. E.g. you can tell one your firends to vote and that friend can vote and tell another friend… That is called Word of Mouth Strategy.

    You know Google… That company started with this Strategy, they didn’t want votes, but wanted people to use there search engine.

  270. in the end the answer was 31117541…guess none of us is going to be a finalist….

  271. Where did you get that answer from Ezio?

  272. well everything was right in our answer except the Seven … how did you get the Seven?

  273. The Bouy was Seven… How?

  274. if you zoom on th bouy you notice that the lines are not straight…they are actually lanterns, therefore logically you have to add the numbers of the other two lanterns…meaning 3 plus 4 equal 7…

  275. Hello Rajiv Harjai. I wanted to give my input on my solution because I have not seen it. There were eight objects. Four had number on them and four did not. The bottles without numbers were pointing upward. The lightening flashes were pointing downward. With each flash there was an 8 at the end. Now we have an additional number and four bottles without one. The pieces of eight… All objects went over the falls in a sequence leaving this coordinate, 3888-2548. It is located at the most southern tip of Africa and close to the port of Cape Town.

  276. Everything makes sense… Ezio your solution and Esee yours too…

    I guess we have to wait till Volvo or someone who is a finalist gives the answer

  277. I got mine from someone who claims to be the finalist… but still…we can’t be sure..

  278. […] Battle of the Brains: Movie PR (The Volvo Treasure Hunt) – Answers UPDATED [image] Volvo is sponsoring the second treasure hunt for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World […]

  279. Hi Rajiv!

    Just wanted to say thanks for everyones help! I tried to vote for you, but it wouldn’t go through. I entered 3111-2541, and went to the page where they ask for your demographics. I don’t know if that means it was the correct answer, or not, but haven’t heard anything back from Volvo…maybe wrong answer, or too little too late, I don’t know. All I know is, May 31st has come and gone without hearing anything. Not sure what it all means.

    Will try again to vote, you certainly deserve it!

  280. the solution is perhaps 311 17541

    where the finalist meet…?

  281. It is still not the official answer, but seems to be a good solution as by google maps it’s at “The World’s End” or is it “The World’s Beginning”
    Thank you all, for making it an exciting 1 month for the Hunt…
    Much more Thanks to all those people who voted for this Blog, I am 1/3 of my way there and only need 25 votes to come in third place and 70 more Votes to win.
    I have till 19 October to get these votes… Wish Me Luck!

  282. I came up with a totally differant answer than everyone else seems to have.

    My answer came to 3003 4540..

    Lantern with Arabic #3 = 3

    Blank bottles X2 (I assume are 0’s ) = 0 0

    Buoy with the outlines of two lanterns = 3 4 (Because it stands to reason that the lantern outlines mean to copy over the numbers from the two lanterns that appear in this puzzle.)

    Vase with symbol for #5 = 5

    Lantern with symbol for #4 = 4

    Last blank bottle = 0

    3003 S 4540 E also, using map quest, puts you right of fthe coast of Madagascar atop a chain of “Underwater islands” (Meaning the water’s not terribly deep)

    Might not be the first but I belive it’s the right answer.

  283. Rajiv – I got an e-mail yesterday from Volvo saying that someone else in the US entered the correct response before my answer was received. I don’t know if that means that I entered the right answer but was too late, or if everyone else got the same e-mail whether the answer we entered was right or wrong. Looking forward to the last puzzle being posted Monday to try my hand at it.
    Hope your votes are still coming along!

  284. Results are in. Someone knows if Karyn Burgess was in this Blog?

  285. What response did you enter sue?

    Luke – I don’t know, everyone has nicknames here.

  286. I entered in 3111 7541, which seemed, at least at the time, the logical answer. Now I’ve seen so many different answers and theories I’m baffled! Would love to know what the correct response was (and why). Did anyone look up where their destinations brought them?

  287. In the end NO ONE won the hunt..the finalists all gave wrong answers…they are having an other puzzle on tuesday the 5th…this is pretty funny!

  288. This is really funny…

    Ezio just wanted to Confirm the final answer for World’s End… it was 3111 7541 right?

  289. yes!…it was the right answer…thr buoy was a 7..the addition of the two lanterns…

  290. Not that it matters anymore, but I thought the symbol on the buoy looked like a flag, and when I researched this, the symbol represents No. 7 in the International maritime signals. 7 either way!!

  291. Anyone here now?

  292. Yes Dave.. 🙂

  293. thanks for this blog, this makes it v ery
    nice. you are great

  294. Ezio must have gotten bad info, since I entered the correct answer, if it really was 3111 7541 and I didn’t qualify but got an e-mail telling me I wasn’t the first for the US. The hunt site has a list of finalists and no info on a tie-breaker puzzle.
    After figuring out the puzzles to the semis, I can’t figure out how to get to the final puzzle which we’re supposed to be able to get at. Anyone know how to get there so we can try the last puzzle? My e-mail from Volvo said it would be posted for us to try, but I can’t find it, and when I get to the semi-final puzzle and enter the answer it acts like I’m trying to qualify and asks for all my info again.
    Help – the puzzler in me wants to try the last one just to see if I can get it!

  295. Rajiv – if 3111 7541 was really the right answer, than Ezio must have gotten bad info about no one getting the correct answer and there being another puzzle on the 5th. Do we know for sure that was the answer? It IS what I entered and then got my e-mail saying I wasn’t the first from the US to enter it. The Hunt website has winners listed from all the countries and doesn’t mention an additional puzzle (?) but no final result yet.
    After getting this far, I feel stupid asking, but I can’t get to the final puzzle that Volvo’s email to me said would be posted this week for us to try our hand at. Does anyone know how to get to the last puzzle? When I enter the semi-final coordinates it just asks me for all my info like it did in the actual semis. My type A personality wants to try the last puzzle just because!

  296. Is there any chance we can make also the final puzzle?

  297. Sue I haven’t recived any email from Volvo, I think you had the correct answer and that’s why you got the email.

    I will try to figure out how we can get to the last puzzle and then we can all get together to solve it. It’ll be fun.

    Do let us know if anyone else figures out how to get to the last puzzle.


    PS. SUE what answer did you submit?

  298. Has anyone noticed that the moon changes sides in puzzle 21?

  299. Is anyone tackling the final puzzle yet? It’s up and rolling guys, and the way in is 311 7541. Good luck!!

  300. Oooops! I mean 311 17541……

  301. Wow, that was a hard one, and not really obvious. As it dawned on me that there really are no symbols like these around the globe that represent numbers, I started counting the lines instead. I won’t spoil it for you, but you could probably work the rest out from there……. : )

  302. Err.. could someone post the URL? Because if I go to 3602S17501E and try to get then next level with 311 17541, i get an error

  303. I entered 31117541 – I knew the US Coast Guard safe boating class would come in handy sometime. I recognized the nautical 7 – I didn’t post because I wasn’t able to get on until after work (10pm) and figured it was too late to help anyone else. Am headed to the final puzzle now…

  304. Wow – the final one (22) is tough! Found the answer and description of how to get it on prometheus, but it didn’t make sense to me….anyone have a simple explanation of how to get the final answer?

  305. Hi Sue! I will try and answer your question, though i didn’t want to spoil it for those still trying to solve it. So close your eyse anyone who doesn’t want to know!! Each symbol represents a number due to the amount of strokes. Then you write them according to how chinese is written, top right to bottom right and then top left to bottom left, so the first one would be 8987, and the one on the back is 3244. Basically through trial and error, I depicted that if you take the numbers away from each other it gives you your co-ordinates of 5743 1151. I cannot see the logic in this final move, and I am not supprised that there was not an initial finalist.

    Hope this helped!

  306. Rebecca – thank you! Your description makes much more sense. Does anyone know if Volvo will be posting the tie-breaker final puzzle since no one got 22 (a)?

  307. i answered #21 as 311 17451
    now i am under the sea looking at a treasure chest with weirdo numbers on HELP!!!!

  308. Hi Bethany, the answer to 22 is above in comment #305


  309. Hello

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


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