Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | May 3, 2007

The Yorkshire PR Bloggers Mafia Meet

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Last Week the Bloggers from the North of England had a great meet. As Andrew Wake referred to it as “The Yorkshire blogging mafia.” The Event was organized by yours truly and I enjoyed every bit of it. Besides the students learning a great deal about Social Media, I personally got to meet Stuart Bruce , Simon Collister, Andrew Wake, Ian Green and Richard Bailey from the PR Blogging Community.

I was glad to see 50-60 students turn up to take advantage of the Event. Ian and Simon gave a great presentation, which many students thought was “a great Insight,” to Social Media, and further requested me to forward Ian’s Presentation to them by mail. I pitched in and told the students how not being a part of social media will soon become a disadvantage and the great things which can happen to your career with Social Media.

Before and After the presentation, students got to conversate with the Bloggers over refreshments. As Richard told me later that he “loved the relaxed atmosphere.”

The big payment was when many students in the end thanked me for a great enriching experience.



  1. Hi Rajiv, Thank you so much for organising the networking event. It provided an excellent learning experience for the students outside the monotony of the classroom. It was a great idea and went down very well with everyone.

    This is probably what we need more of, maybe the curriculum should be designed in a way that provides ample opportunities for both theoretical and practical encounters. It is increasingly being realised and accepted that theoretical lectures are not the only way to impart instruction and knowledge. Students learn more and better in a fun relaxed atmosphere (coming from a teacher’s perspective).

    Academic departments need to recognise the fact that events like these, help students gain exposure into the real life corporate world, and in a way help in preparing students for the real life world by calling in guest speakers who talk about their respective fields.

    All in all, I would describe the event as a wonderful enriching experience, and I am positive that students gained a lot from it.

    Oh and last but not the least….thank you for the refreshments 🙂

    I am sure, organising an event at that scale, took a lot of time and energy and it is really commendable. But the end result surely must have brought a smile to your face. 🙂

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