Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | April 19, 2007

The New Celebrity on the Blog/ck – TECH

Few days ago I read an interesting post by Amanda Chapel regarding Reflections on PR Blogging and Thoughts of Suicide. Her paragraph below got me thinking on a different angle (than her post), that how technology plays a celebrity role.

“Today, celebrity reigns. It’s popularity over content, volume over value. Take marketing’s Power 150 for instance. Rubel ranks high. However, 90 percent or more of what Rubel talks about is tech. Ninety percent or more of his audience is tech. His blog has very little to do with our business. But since he’s at Edelman, we hold up his numbers as an example of success in PR…”

What is the one thing that the top 100 blogs rated in Technorati, have in common? Above 1/3 of them are related to tech/IT in one way or the other.

Now if you are blogging about PR, your readers are going to be basically PR professionals, students, journalists and people from within the PR circle. But when you are blogging about anything to do with technology, even if it is a PR blog, your readers will come from any and every background.

I love PR blogs, but which other blogs do I visit? Of course tech blogs are there on my list. Tell me one thing which every human being will own? The answer is some sort of Gagdet, it might be an Ipod, PS3, mobile phone, Dvd player, Xvid player etc… technology is something which everyone is interested in, everyone wants to know about the latest technology. Furthermore, this extends into people getting interested in companies which provide that technology. For instance, do you want to read about what a furniture company acquired recently, or the turnover of that company? I think mostly the answer will be ‘No’. On the other hand, would you be interested in reading about Google’s latest acquisition for $3.1 Billion, Yes, you will.

What I am trying to say is that if the stats were taken regarding this issue, the general public would indulge in reading about Tech. gadgets, companies etc… One other reason for this is that you can relate to that company, I know I can relate to Apple, because I own an Ipod. If they are coming out with a new gadget or technology, I would read about it, even if I don’t plan on buying it. Everyone wants to be updated about technology or things which are coming into the market. Hence, if you write about Technology in your blogs, you are guaranteed to get more traffic than a normal student PR Blog or any other blog.

I assume that if you want more traffic on your blog and want to influence public opinion, one good way is to write about tech companies, new software, basically anything to do with technology, cause the majority of people in social media and general public would read it and you may influence their opinion.

So from a PR point of view, Tech is a way to Celebrity status – more traffic, more popularity, more power to influence.



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