Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | April 16, 2007

How to Read Newspapers: A Tip for PR Students


Today I went for an interview for a work placement. I think, this is the last feather in my student cap, and something which always looks great on a CV.

When I travel, I always read the newspaper, listen to podcasts which are available on PR and of course listen to the music I like. Sadly, today my Ipod died on me and while taking the 1 hour train ride to Manchester.

I started reading the newspaper and after a few pages, the reading became different. I was not only reading, rather noticing the journalists’ style of writing and their use of language conventions like punctuation, the grammar, the pun etc… Furthermore, the advertisements also didn’t come to me as they used to. My perspective underwent a change and I now saw the advertisements in the light of how they had become a means to persuade the public, the words used in them and their target audience and many other PR aspects of the newspaper.

So just a Tip for PR Students, and even practitioners. To improve your writing skills and other PR Skills, always read the newspaper with an open mind. Be aware of all that you can learn from it, don’t just read it for the news. There is much more to a newspaper…than just news. I learnt great things today, and remembered some old ones as well (in PR Writing and Strategies). Doing these little things will go a long way in your career. I assure you of that.



  1. It is really great that u created PR blog. I have read – “How to read a newspaper” and I totaly agree. We should always have an open mind so that we can see more. I am interested in PR because I start my Master Degree in IPR this year. Thanx for the blog!

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