Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | April 15, 2007

Another Crisis Management Case Study in the Making

I think many in the blogsphere have read Tech Crunch’s post on Friday the 13th about the legal notice to Mike Arrington. It will be interesting to see what happens in this “Drama” as many call it.

For PR students this might be a good opportunity to follow the case on how Crisis Management works. Previously I had posted how JetBlue handled the social media in their recent crisis, and how Yahoo handled social media. It would be very interesting to see how handles it.

My inital thoughts on this are:

Was it to early to send the legal notice to Tech Crunch? The original post was on 12th April and the legal notice was dated 13th April 2007. Maybe they should have waited for a few days to see how the blogsphere reacts to this news. I remember in MacDonald’s’ case (the McLibel Trial), many had said that “Mcdonald’s learnt the risks associated with responding aggressively to activist pressure the hard way, when it brought two environmentalist to court in early 1990’s” as the reputation damaged was far greater.

I know many posts on this will come up in the blogsphere about how dangerous it is to write blogs and be careful etc…, but to look at it from an optimistic side, have only requested that Mike Arrington, “retract and correct these comments, and apologize for making same.”

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