Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | April 3, 2007

PR Strategies by Kumiko

Today I think Kumiko alone is better than many Marketing teams in the World combined, much better than MIH’s Marketing team definitely.  The PR industry should see another great potential employee with Kimko. 

She runs a blog called Make Money Online at Kimko’s Cash Quest.  Her goal is to make money through blogging.  Something I don’t think I will indulge into, but many do, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

The reason I like her blog is that she has some great PR/Marketing tips and strategies you can use if you are in the PR Social Media field as a part of your studies or job.  Her post about “6 Lessons Britney Spears Can Teach You About Blogging“made quite a buzz in the blogsphere.  Most of her posts usually deal with how to make money, but they are good nonetheless. 

Another interesting strategy she has come up with to make her presence felt in the blogsphere is a competition to predict her page rank.  You have to write a review of her website and then you can predict her google page rank and if you are right, you win $30 and you get to write a post on her blog about anything.  Although the money isn’t that much, many people have entered the competition.  What’s my guess? well I think her Page Rank will be 6.


The reason I find it intelligent is that it is a means of increasing your appearance on the blogsphere and of course getting high on your page ranking by another link added to your website.  Another great lesson is even with a minimum budget you can work something out.


I think many students and even practitioners should analyse her blog and see the PR and Marketing strategies there, it has some great tips and I am sure you will use them sooner or later. 

You can turn around and say that this is common sense, well it isn’t that common if you have above 700 blogs linked to you in a matter of 3 months of blogging. I say it is quite witty and intelligent.


I think her Blogs biggest downfall, which many have criticized is the PINK Color.  You cannot stay that long to read much of the stuff if you don’t like pink, even if you don’t care about pink after spending few minutes on her site it just gets too much for your eyes to take.


I really don’t understand the fascination of the color pink with her, where she is running not one, but many strategies for her blog, she misses the most obvious one that make your website pleasant to the eye.  


Besides the color, she does come up with quite interesting posts. I personally just subscribed to her feed rather than going to the blog as I can’t stand so much PINK.

One other fact I admire is that she says it straight, but in pink “I WRITE *EVERY* POST IN ORDER TO TRY AND INCREASE TRAFFIC ON MY SITE!!!” 

Another great lesson in PR, be transparent and people will like you even more if not less.

She has some great strategies running for her blog to make a presence in the blogsphere and earn money.  Good going Kumiko.


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