Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | April 3, 2007

Are Students better or Experienced Professionals? YES we (students) are Cause….

Just finished my interview with Paull Young (Director of Forward to podcast) where he mentioned his latest post regarding if young employee are better or older? The age old question about the differences between young and old blood really appealed to me where I want to prove that we are better (No offences to the the older generation of workers, since I know they bring irreplaceable years of experience with them). Now it is very hard to beat them, but of course we (students, Young) can settle for 50-50 if not 60-40 in our favour : )

What is the one thing we students possess in abundant quantity? It is enthusiasm, passion and the power of being “DARING”. I think professionals lack this ability to be daring very easily, their PR campaigns would have a safe guard always. Complacency seems to set in with years of work experience. And complacency as I view it, is the enemy of creativity. But we students have this daring in us which can give us the biggest advantage. Because I say:


I am sure that I will meet some disagreements here, but people like Bill Gates, Dhiru Bhai Ambani (Reliance Empire) and many others who made it really big in this world, didn’t have any safe guards. They Dared to be Unique! and in today’s Social Media world, Kumiko with her PINK, and Paull Young (where he sold his car and put all his savings, to go on a world tour to meet bloggers) are descendants of that same rare breed of people who are not afraid to risk it all. (Hear about Paull Young further in my first podcast, Interview with Paull Young which is coming this weekend). Where is Paull Young today? Employed with one of the Greatest PR consultancies in the World. But five months ago, (before he dared) he didn’t have anything. I think anyone who made it big was not playing it safe. They were daring!

Your creativity might not work once, twice… but it is not possible that creativity cannot work, especially within students because our creativity is just not stupid, we take into consideration our education, which many practitioners have lost by the time they are in their third or fourth year of working.

Today I am organizing an event (with my exams on my head) for all the public relations students in my university. My friends tell me, don’t do it, pay attention to your exams more, but I think, to work under pressure is the best experience of all time, and isn’t that what working in the real world is all about. Maybe tomorrow it doesn’t work, but I would have given it something, which every other student in my class didn’t even try for. So at least in my books and many others, I am already ahead of them.

Since we are talking about Daring, I would also like to share something else, last week I finally made it in Constantin Basturea’s PR Blog List where he is compiling a list for Blogs on PR. In the beginning when I saw the list I was apprehensive about making it on that list. I wanted to tell him about my Blog, but then I was too scared, till the day I sent him an email to consider me for the list. And he did… So Thank you Constantin

I know you might say that was so simple, to send an email, but I think students like me would know what it feels like to be rejected. How easily you can doubt yourself and your potential that you are not good enough, by just one simple rejection, but I say never stop moving forward, because as someone said …. where one door closes, two more open, and the trick is to reach for those.

I speak from experience, today after not hearing from so many agencies where I have applied for a job, and not getting a favorable response from them, I am not going to stop approaching the next company. The reason for this is that I dare to dream and only when you dare to dream, can you change it into reality. I believe in myself, which is of utmost importance, because only when I believe in myself, can I persuade others to believe in me. I know, there’s a lot I can offer to the companies, if nothing else my passion to work. Of course I am making my own Skill Set, but if I had No Skills, No education, I can still offer my passion which has values. I know that I have the will and the courage to succeed, and I am not trying to be boastful, but its important to believe in yourself, and the rest of the world will follow too!!!

So the formula now is:


So my friends… Be Daring, Be Creative, have Passion … it is one of the greatest factors to Success!

Another person I would like to mention is my best friend Jai Malkani .. Who I miss having conversations with…. and who DARED! to quit his job (even after being the Project Manger for Cisco Systems which paid him above $100K) and went back to studies. Which inspired me to do the same. The second person I would want to mention here is and Anupam Mittra, the most DARING person I know. I can go on with his stories, but just take my word for it.


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