Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | March 30, 2007

Great Social Media example by Paull Young (Young PR Blog)

One of the greatest example of social media we can see is by Paull Young.

And Next week I will be interviewing him regarding Social Media and his tour. If you have any questions you would like to ask him, send me an email at

Paull Young built a unique profile for himself in the PR blogosphere in only 14 months. His Blog Young PR is one of the most famous student blogs ever, and he is the director of podcasting for Forward. He is also the leader for the anti-astroturfing campaign.

And, of course, he’s that one lucky guy who went on a Meet the Bloggers worldwide tour, he met many bloggers and non-bloggers (like me at that time) around the world which is a great example of successful social media.

Below are the stats of his world wide tour given by him.

Young PR World Tour :: By the Numbers

  • PR Bloggers met: 51
  • Distance travelled: 31,620 miles/50,887 kilometres
  • Days on the road: 108
  • Countries visited: 8
  • Globes circumnavigated: 1
  • Social media events/conferences attended: 8
  • Podcasts recorded: 6
  • Blog posts written: 36
  • Photographs posted to Flickr: 284 (whoah!)
    Strange places slept: Countless (overnight buses and trains, triple bunk beds in crowded backpacker dorms, a Norwegian punk rocker’s floor)
  • Times of life had: 1





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