Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | March 29, 2007

Public Relations Societies/Councils/Associations in India.

Today, If a PR student or Practitioner is trying to enter into the Public Relations atmosphere, the question that arises in his mind is who should he join, or who should he support?

“We have many popular PR bodies in India like PRSI, PRCI and PRCAI?”

The above statement made by Srinivasan (Director of Prime Point foundation) says it all. We have “MANY” PR bodies in India, and none of them are the Central hub or offer near as complete services/facilities to the PR students and practitioners of India. Each one has it’s own charm, but none of them are near to being a central hub of public relations.

It is not like in the UK where CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) is the best the central hub of Public Relations and joining that would definitely benefit the student or practitioner.

Lets look at the PR Bodies in India very briefly keeping there websites as center of information.

First PRCI (Public Relations Council of India), I couldn’t find their website, but I think they are more credible than the others, just because they are more in the news.

PRSI (Public Relations Society of India) has a website, they have forms I can download and join their society, but all I hear about them is that they are in Chandigarh (a small state in India) and their events mostly are in Chandigarh. Moreover, they have hardly any activities if you look at their website. But they were the first ones to make code of Ethics for PR practitioners and they started the National PR day which is on 21st of April every year.

Now PRCAI (Public Relations Consultants Association of India), if you go to their website, the first impression you get is that “it is colorful.” The funny part is that they only have 18 consultants as members. I know for a fact that there are many more consultancies in India than those 18. The best part is that in their events page, they haven’t had an event since January 13, 2006.

Finally Prime Point Foundation, which has the biggest PR forum in India. It currently has above 600 members. A great place for debates and through the debates it is actually making the biggest difference in Public Relations in India. The most recent being the PR education curriculum developed by Wiki where everyone is contributing.

Since there are many bodies, I think this is a big reason why credibility is lost, talent is divided, funds are divided, which if was within one organization would make it more productive.

I think all these societies should have one meeting and decide if they could join forces to make a great Public Relations Institute/Council/Society, Whatever they want to call it.

Now Joining forces will make a great Public Relations Institute of India.


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