Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | March 27, 2007

PR overtaking Marketing

Today in another discussion, it came out that “PR IS OVERTAKING MARKETING.” It is something which I always feel happy listening too.

Different marketing channels are now converging so there is the opportunity for PR to lead in a way it never has done before. Marketing caters to a limited audience however public relations caters to every aspect that marketing caters to and goes much much beyond as well. I know that today in many places marketing is considered more important than public relations, but that perspective seems to be changing rapidly.

Tony Blair marching through the countryside in silly yellow plastic suit, the Queen buying the Big Issue, Prince Charles giving to farmers, everyone is in the PR game now. PR is not for the rich only, but it helps the poor by making polices to help them, Charities are the best example.

Public Relations is catering to marketing, advertising, media, promotion of any kind. About 40% of all stories that appear in news papers are there by PR firms.As we know of it Public Relations after emerging has eaten into the marketing industry, and is gradualy taking over. Morem and more companies are hiring public relations executives to take care of their markeing, advertising, basically their communicaitons be it internal or external.

Every event is promoting public relaitons in one way or the other. Public Relations has become a necessary condition to democracy. It raises awareness and questions the government, the corporate power, basically any opinion, and so “implicity helps democracy, which Marketing doesn’t.

Public Relations industry is rising at phenomenal rate. Corporations spend at least $10 billion each year hiring PR experts and US federal government spends another $2.3 Billion.

Public Relations has grown beyond comparison which further justified by the amount being spent on PR operations.

As the richest man in the world, bill Gates said “If i was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR.”


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