Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | March 13, 2007

Bloggers(Opinion Leaders) not Activists, We Discuss issues!!!

Today Blogging has become a major contribution towards public opinion. One main reason is that we (bloggers) are active audiences and not passive. We just don’t take the journalist word or the company’s word for what is happening. We rather research about the issue and have many opinions contribute to the issue. Moreover a collective opinion is much better than one’s individual’s opinion.

Another reason blogs are more trust worthy than a press releases or a journalist’s take on the situation is that, we have an opinion, but we ‘Discuss’ issues. The key word here is ‘Discuss.’

Today an individual can go to different blogs about a similar topic and read different individuals views on an issue. If I want to know about JetBlue crisis and want to know what is the public opinion, I can simply do a blog search, and have many blogs discussing the issue. That is another reason why blogging is much more effective in influencing public opinion.

In my previous blog posts about Great PR by JetBlue and Yahoo, India, we can see how companies are keeping a good watch on blogging.

But creating a Blog for one particular issue like in JetBlue case, I don’t think is the correct way to gain attention from the company. I think “blogging” as a medium was taken advantage off, just because in today’s world the Corporate Communications gives it credibility to blogging, that does not mean it should be taken advantage off.

Blogging could be given an image of ‘Activism’ and I don’t think bloggers (Me and many others) would like blogging and Activism referred to in the same context.



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