Posted by: Rajiv Harjai | March 11, 2007

Blogging and Crisis Management: Great PR by the JetBlue.

Nearly after a month, the JetBlue crisis on Valentines Day is still in the Blogsphere. There were discussions on Micro Persuasion, Online Public Relation thoughts, and Marketing Roadmaps to name a few.

It was nice to see how Blogging and Internet has taken a role in communication, addressing and influencing public opinion through these channels is also important.

After the incident The JetBlue Corporate Communications team besides the press releases, posted a video clip on ‘You Tube.’ on February 19 where the CEO, was addressing key stakeholders. Then, recently the CEO met with a passenger, Genevieve McCaw, who started a Blog Jet Blue, A Valentine’s Day Hostage Crisis. The meeting left the passenger still unsatisfied. But a great move by the Corporate Communications team of Jet Blue to address the issue rather than just ignoring. Activism by one person can also start a crisis, which many companies have experienced in the past.

A great aspect of the communications was putting the CEO, David Neeleman a public face. Key stakeholders were addressed in all the communications. The company was very transparent in all its aspects. Even after a press release that the company expects to post an operation loss for the first quarter, the share prices rose 30 cents to £13.20 in pre-market trading.

It was Great Crisis management. “Text book Perfect” is how president of Bernstein Crisis Management described Neeleman’s damage control performance. One of the first lessons in a Crisis like this is to address the public; be transparent; give the facts, admit your mistake, and apologise and that’s what exactly the corporate communications team did.


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